Serela Hotel Kuta Bali

Serela Hotel Kuta Bali strategic Bali location right at the heart of Kuta Bali and located in close proximity with many Bali attractions, such as the internationally renowned Kuta Beach and many more. Serela Hotel Kuta Bali is also located close with many major roads as well, allowing you easy and convenient access to anywhere within the island! Simply put, our Bali location makes us Serela Hotel Kuta Bali a great Bali Hotel to pick to make your Bali travel even more fun!


Facilities at Serela Hotel Kuta Bali

  • Meeting Room

For all of your Kuta Bali Hotel Meetings, our Hotel meeting services can accommodate them comfortably. As a Kuta Bali Hotel that understands the concept of great value Bali Hotel Meeting services, the venues of Serela Hotel Kuta Bali are equipped only with quality modern facilities along with support of team of professional staff ready to cater to your whims, and all of them are offered with friendly rates. For great Bali Hotel Meeting, just join in Serela Hotel Kuta Bali!

  • Dining

Relaxing atmosphere and friendly services complement the Kuta Bali Hotel Restaurant moments offered by Kookaburra Restaurant, perfect for any food lovers wishing to enjoy casual dining pleasantries offered at friendly rates. Of course, the menu selection crafted by the chefs of Serela Hotel Kuta Bali is always full of care for a truly good Kuta Bali Restaurant experience. For a fun Bali Dining moments in a great Kuta Bali Hotel, make sure to check out what we have to offer!

  • Swimming Pool

The outdoor swimming pool of Serela Hotel Kuta Bali is always maintained and kept under perfect condition to ensure the guests of Serela Hotel Kuta Bali is always able to jump into it without any worry. Swimming in our outdoor Kuta Bali swimming pool is definitely something that you do not want to miss! You can also simply relax at the pool side and enjoy cool breeze, which is an experience that will further making your Serela Hotel Kuta Bali stay more special and enjoyable!